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Core Mobile

CoreWarehouse is fully accessible to and linked to all smartphone and mobile devices as well as tablets and desktop systems. The mobile barcode scanning functionality helps businesses increase workers’ productivity, improve data capture accuracy and provide the latest information in real time. The functionality can be implemented immediately with no on-site consultation support.

CoreMobile is easy to use and requires minimal training warehouse operations personnel. CoreMobile results in significant savings for your organization as RF Scanning hardware costs are eliminated. The CoreMobile application enables you and your warehouse personnel to coordinate a wide array of
warehouse operations requirements including.

  • Receipt and Putaway
  • Transfers
  • Pick, Sorting, Packing, and Shipping
  • Replenishments
  • Stock Movements
  • Inventory Transactions
  • QA Holds and Releases
  • Cycle Counts and Adjustments
  • Physical Inventory

CoreMobile is a fully configurable system that provides the flexibility needed to manage all your warehouse tasks which include.

Transaction Type Enabling/Disabling
Determine which of the tasks above will be supported in your warehouse. You’re not ready for total mobile interfacing; you need certain transactions to be “paper”? Do you have more than one warehouse? Need a different mobile configuration for each? No problem with CoreMobile. All configurations are warehouse specific.

Transaction Type Based Prioritization
Assign a priority to each task enabled. Set a different priority for each, and CoreMobile will ensure that your workers receive the highest priority transactions first. Set all task priorities the same and the mobile issues tasks to the workers with true interleaving — NO EMPTY RETURN TRIPS!

Transaction Type Based Bar Code Enabling/Disabling
Determine for each transaction type whether or not bar code scanning of the location is required before updating.


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