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High Tech

High Tech manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers are in an industry with a great deal of competition. Cost reduction, shorter order fulfillment times and management of high ticket products such as those controlled by lot or serial numbers are goals that each company should meet. In addition, you must also be adaptable to the ever-changing demands and growth of this industry.

CoreWarehouse’s 3PL cloud-based WMS systems can aid you in meeting your customer’s inventory handling necessities by utilizing product traceability such as lot number and serial numbers. Additionally, picking controls are supported to ensure that high ticket items are properly accounted for. By doing so, you are ensuring that exact orders are fulfilled, you are not left with a surplus or shortage of stock, and shrinkage is minimized, CoreWarehouse links to all desktop, tablet, mobile, and smartphone devices.

CoreMobile allows users to view complete inventory at one time or view it by location from any mobile computer or smartphone. Features include receiving, directed putaway, warehouse moves, inventory adjustments, hold/release, picking, QC verification, shipping, cycle counting, and many more real-time features.

CorePortal is an online portal into your CoreWarehouse system providing access to information whenever there is an internet connection or smartphone available.

The power to meet the constantly shifting demands of this industry is your key to customer satisfaction and retention. CoreWarehouse and our cloud-based systems can assist you in staying ahead of the competition with advanced WMS and 3PL based technologies.


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