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Cold Storage Facilities

Cold Storage Facilities

In addition to ideal base functionality, such as tracking of pallets (including class and quality), support for conversion of one SKU into one (or multiple) other SKUs for repackaging, allowing substitution of an item, pre-priced product option, and so on, CoreWarehouse also incorporates industry-specific (Food) functionality that is critical for food companies to ensure optimum freshness and quality of their goods especially for their date sensitive items.

Let’s take a moment to look at some of these critical features.

Temperature/ Humidity Control
Configure your warehouse locations with uniquely controlled temperature and humidity ranges for products that require specific and specialized freezer and refrigeration storage environments.

Code Data Support
Code date processing …either a Julian manufacturing date or a Gregorian sell-by date printed on the package.

Custom Minimum Dating Requirements
Sales orders being processed through the system will identify the minimum dating required by the customer.

Status of Goods based on Remaining Shelf Life
Although a lot or carton has a specific sell-by date, its status classification will change over time. The fewer days left until the sell-by date, the lower the status, and the lower the price charged or a change in characteristic, e.g. freezing of the stock, will occur. CoreWarehouse Food automatically reclassifies the stock based on pre-defined ranges of days. As well as changing the status of the stock, a transaction is automatically generated to move the stock to a different location, e.g. from the pick line to the freezer.

Blast Freezer/ Processing Control
The Location links will allow a particular SKU to follow a pre-defined route through the warehouse at receipt time. In addition, a time factor is defined against the link which will, for example, ensure that the pallet remains in the blast area for 72 hours before the move from the blast area to the freezer is
released by the system.

Catch Weight Inbound and Outbound at Carton and/or Pallet Level
CoreWarehouse Food supports capturing of catch-weight and, optionally, carton numbers on all incoming and outbound goods. The mobile module supports scanning of catch weight from a bar-coded label. Catch weight supports up to 4 decimal parts of a pound instead of requiring entry of ounces.

Dynamic Forward Pick Areas for Seasonal Products
Ability to see where the lot-controlled inventory is stored in the warehouse as well as the ability to track which customers have purchased the recalled items.

Complete quality control tracking that allows a product to be moved in and out of quality hold status. The system automatically changes product status based on remaining shelf life, resulting in a change of product characteristics e.g. lowering of price or freezing


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