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Electronic Data Interchange, otherwise known as EDI, is a critical necessity for many 3PLs and private warehouses to communicate with their customers, partners and/or retailers. EDI is the electronic exchange of data between two or more parties.

CoreWarehouse WMS Software links with many industry  providers including and not limited to SPS Commerce, True Commerce, B2B Gateway and DI Central

Dynamix eCore Solutions supports a variety of common EDI file protocols and connection methods and can help support auxiliary needs through partners including retailer UCC-128 labels, retailer 856 shipment notifications, EDI 810 communication with retailers and EDI documents 940 through 945

Standard EDI formats include X12, ANSI, EDIFACT, and its subsets. The 940 EDI document type is used to advise the warehouse that a shipment is to be made to the designated ‘ship to’ on behalf of the depositor, and provides detailed information concerning a warehouse shipment. An EDI 945, or Warehouse Shipping Advice, is used to by a third party, remote warehouse to inform a supplier that the shipment has been sent out to the end user.


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